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Dialogue #27 Love & Marriage


  • Product ID: 854
  • Product Type: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Artist: Dov Lederberg
  • Dimensions: 37
  • Brief Description:
       The 27th in a series of 32 paintings.
  • More details:
       The Dialogue series, which has been my major preoccupation for the last two years, is based on a simple illusionist form of two cartoon faces in confrontation. Its artistic expansion and development has been certainly inspired by my studies of the teachings of the noted philosopher, Martin Buber (the famous I-Thou / I-It paradigm) and its application in modern Gestalt psychology. The I-Thou Dialogues show two faces in harmony and balance, while in the I-It paintings (which I call Anti-logues), the second face is diminished or non-existent. Another important influence stems from my studies of the kabbalah, which deals at length with the “changing faces” of the cherub statues on the Ark of the Covenant and their esoteric ramifications.

    Shipped insured air parcel EMS-USPS as canvas stretched on wooden frame with overlap of the painting on sides and staples hidden from view, so it can be hung without exterior frame.

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