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Book of Life II


  • Product ID: 906
  • Product Type: Serigraph
  • Artist: Shraga Weil
  • Dimensions: 35 x 29.5
  • Brief Description:
       Ed 400, 1997
  • More details:
       BOOK II - "The Dream" In the second serigraph, entitled "The Dream", Shraga Weil repeats the imagery of the open window and uses leaves once again as the prevalent motif. Here, the leaves are green and new; we see the rebirth of a nation. The bright colors lead you into the center of the work - a new horizon, the promise of a bright future. The central leaf is illuminated making it almost translucent and revealing the lines and veins on its surface. Just as the lines of a tree tell us its life story, Weil's imagery is a metaphor for the life story of Israel. Our future is based on our history - remembering it and learning from it. In the lower left corner, the dove of peace appears, perched with an olive branch in its mouth, standing guard over a rest as a promise of peace for the new-born nation. In the top right corner is the phoenix, the link between the three serigraphs in the suite; the symbol of Israel rebuilding itself from its own ashes.
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