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Book of Life I


  • Product ID: 905
  • Product Type: Serigraph
  • Artist: Shraga Weil
  • Dimensions: 35 x 19.5
  • Brief Description:
       Edition 400, 1997
  • More details:
       Shraga Weil in his latest suite of unique serigraphs, opens a window on to our history. In order to fully understand our future, we need to look at our past. The main motif in all three works is the window, which opens out on to different aspects of our history. In the first work, Shraga Weil goes back once again to the Book of Ecclesiastes - a theme he explored in the late '70's. Ecclesiastes, rich in the wisdom of life, acts as a guide to foresee our future. Shraga Weil places the book of Ecclesiastes on the stage of history, for us to learn from its wisdom and knowledge of life. "What is, will be. The world is like a wheel, there is nothing new under the sun..." The pomegranate, a fruit that symbolizes blessing and knowledge, is used as a symbol of our efforts to reach a higher level of awareness in our understanding of the world. The phoenix, a legendary bird that rises from the ashes to recreate itself every five hundred years, symbolizes the rebirth of our nation from its ruins. Colored a deep blue, the bird symbolizes hope for a better and brighter future. The leaves represent life. As a tree grows, some leaves fall, but are replaced by new growth. A new generation is born - the ancient is mixed with the new.
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