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Yedid Nefesh - Dear soul


  • Product ID: 903
  • Product Type: GICLEE
  • Artist: Adina Roizman
  • Dimensions: 19 x 25 Inch Framed
  • Brief Description:
       Joyous song of love to God
  • More details:
       This poem of Rabbi Eliezer Azikri, author of Sefer Chareidim of the sixteenth century in Eretz Yisrael whose central theme is the intense love for G-d, has found its way into Jewish liturgy. The four stanza poem, whose opening letters form an acrostic spelling out the Holy Name of G-d in Hebrew, express a burning love for G-d while being contrasted by the serene beauty of a natural waterfall. This work is created on parchment with Assyrian script and is adorned with medieval style ornamentation.
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