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The World of Formation (Angels)


  • Product ID: 868
  • Product Type: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Artist: Yael Avi-Yonah
  • Dimensions: 64” x 26"
  • Brief Description:
       Illustration of kabbalistic world
  • More details:
       From the series on The Four Worlds: Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action
    The horizontal strips of stars divide the painting into four parts. The seven eyes in the lower half represent the seven angels who observe the deeds of man. A beam of light divides the painting vertically into two sections as its passes through the ten echelons of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man. Each echelon has its symbolic meaning and special group of angels. The upper part of the painting contains the three highest Echelons (Bina, Hachma and Keter) which are mentalities and as such have no explicit forms. Between them is the Seat of God, whose center is a stone upon which is written four times the Hebrew letter Yod. To the right and the left are the two cherubs with the face of a baby boy and girl. Above them are two archangels.

    Shipped insured air parcel EMS-USPS in tube after canvas has been removed from its wooden stretcher frame.

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