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  • Product ID: 1302
  • Product Type: Oil on Canvas
  • Artist: Glen Shear
  • Dimensions: 60x90 cm, 23.75x35.5 inches
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       Images from the Jewish holiday of Succot are depicted in this canvas. It shows a man on a ladder building his family’s Succah under a hot desert sun. The Succah is a temporary dwelling symbolizing the protection offered by G-d to the Jews traveling in the desert post-Exodus, as well as to Jews today. The number of his shirt, 15, recalls the day of the holiday, and the numbers 23:34 near the lower left corner recall the verse in the bible commanding the celebration of the holiday. Within the Succah itself is the symbol of the Torah scroll (containing The Bible, or 5 Books of Moses), and a dove (representing peace). On the left hand side of the canvas are a ‘Lulav’ and ‘Esrog’, which are used in religious services celebrating the holiday, and have great spiritual meaning. Among other hidden symbols in the painting are a large Star of David (with the dove at the center) and clouds of glory (themselves symbols of the holiday).
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