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Let My People Go!


  • Product ID: 1246
  • Product Type: COLORING BOOK
  • Artist: Nusach Hari
  • Dimensions: 17 in x 23 in
  • Brief Description:
       Children's Coloring Book
  • More details:
    Size: 17.5" x 23"
    Pages: 32
    Language: English
    (with a little Hebrew)

    This coloring book is designed to introduce children to the age old story of the Hebrews Exodus from Egypt.

    It will entertain, engage and educate the reader with a message, which is both old and universal, of people who are enslaved and long to gain their freedom. Children and adults alike will find these pages stimulating and fun.

    You can even play a game of Spot Bubbie and Bobbie , the little boy and girl, who appear on the front cover and throughout the book.

    Some of the names and terms have been intentionally written using the transliteration of the original Hebrew. Here are the commonly used translations for them. Aharon is Aaron, Yocheved is Jachebed, Yitro is Jethro and Tziporah is Zipporah.
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