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Flowers 7


  • Product ID: 1064
  • Product Type: Serigraph
  • Artist: Alexander and Wissotzky
  • Dimensions: 10inc x 12inc
  • Brief Description:
       Year 2004 Edition 490
  • More details:
       TANYA WISSOTZKY AND ALEXANDER GLATCHANSKY The works of Tanya Wissotzky and Alexander Glatchansky are created by the interaction of two independent imaginations working in intellectual and aesthetic harmony. Each complements the other, producing works in which the process of creation is revealed as it reaches a harmonious yet complex resolution. They have achieved a painterly idiom which is a visual dynamic of crescendo and diminuendo, a vibration between the sensuous and cerebral. Working in acrylic, pen and ink, and collage on specially prepared canvas, they speak in many voices which are yet one voice. The subdued pastel tones of the background swirl and gather romantically to focal points as rich in association as they are in colour. Superimposed upon them are the learned and expert line drawings of scenes both evocative and ironic. These scenes, like sketches from the artist's notebook, each contain a world of their own while commenting on the canvas as a whole. The excerpts of calligraphy from old English flower painting manuals underline the concern with process as well as result, while other calligraphic quotations celebrate Paris of the Twenties which is certainly one of the artists' many sources of visual reference. In the still lifes, the classically executed centrepiece has all the nostalgia and romanticism of a time past, the colour rich and sensuous. Juxtaposed against this are the music scores, totally dry and abstract and yet evocative of gaiety and pleasure. The eye is caught in pleasant surprise as the smaller quotations, in collage ink or paint, reveal themselves, linking the chain of associations in fascinatingly various ways. The work of this pair of young Israeli artists has received critical acclaim and success both in Israel and abroad and their works are to be found in public and private collections all over the world. Tanya Wissotzky and Alexander Glatchansky were born in the same year, 1959, and studied at the Odessa Academy of Fine Arts. One of Ms. Wissotzky's main interests besides her work as an artist is in the conservation of Nature. Alexander Glatchansky is a fine book illustrator in his own right and has been awarded prizes for his achievements in this field.
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