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  Book of Life II  Eagels Wings  The Harpist   
  The Lubavitcher Rebbe   " Class daughters of Zelophehad"   "Ashrei Ha-Ish" /"Blessed is he "   
  #01  #02  #03   
  #06  #07  #08   
  #09  #10  #10   
  #11  #13  #14   
  #16  #17  #18   
  #19  #20  #21   
  #22  #23  #24   
  #25  #26  #5   
  #Seri #1  #Seri #10  #Seri #11   
  #Seri #2  #Seri #3  #Seri #4   
  #Seri #5  #Seri #6  #Seri #7   
  #Seri #8  #Seri #9  $100 Gift Certificate   
  $18 Gift Certificate  $200 Gift Certificate  $25 Gift Certificate   
  $300 Gift Certificate  $36 Gift Certificate  $400 Gift Certificate   
  $50 Gift Certificate  $500 Gift Certificate  $54 Gift Certificate   
  12 Angels  12 Tribes  14 Angels in Wood   
  2 Ladies and a Man  3 Jerusalem Windows  3 Musicians   
  4 Mothers  5 Musicians  A Day in the Park   
  A Day in the Park  A Lovely Sunny Day  A test   
  A Time To Cast Away  Abraham and Sarah  Achad - the Primordial Light   
  Agam Menorah  Aggripas  Akedat Yitzchak   
  Aleph  Alice in the Wonderland  Alleyways   
  Alter # 1  Alter # 10  Alter # 11   
  Alter # 12  Alter # 13  Alter # 2   
  Alter # 3   Alter # 4  Alter # 5   
  Alter # 6  Alter # 7   Alter # 8   
  Alter # 9  Alter #13  Amazing Story   
  Amazing Story  Ancient Fort on Kinneret  Andal 1   
  Andal 2  Angel over Balcony  Angel with Balloons   
  Angels  Animal Play  Apparition   
  Around the Bend  Art Flowers  As times go by   
  As times go by-light  At the tzomet, waiting  Autumn   
  Autumn Trees, 1998  Avi 1  Avi 10   
  Avi 2  Avi 3  Avi 4   
  Avi 5  Avi 6  Avi 7   
  Avi 8  Avi 9  Balancing the World   
  Bar Mitzvah  Bar Mitzvah  Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall   
  Bat Mitzvah  Bat Mitzvah  Beach at Trouville   
  Bedouins On Camels   Before the Wedding  Bella   
  Ben Simhon #010  Ben Simhon #012  Ben Simhon #013   
  Ben Simhon #014  Ben Simhon #015  Ben Simhon #016   
  Ben Simhon #017  Ben Simhon #018  Ben Simhon #018   
  Ben Simhon #1  Ben Simhon #2  Ben Simhon #3   
  Ben Simhon #3  Ben Simhon #4  Ben Simhon #5   
  Ben Simhon #6  Ben Simhon #7  Ben Simhon #8   
  Ben Simhon #9  Ben Yehuda Walkway  Bereshit   
  Biblical Scene  Bilaam and his ass  Bird of Song   
  birkat wine   birkat haesek   Blessing of the House   
  Blessing of the house (Decopal)  Blessing of the House (Decopal)  Blowing the horn   
  Blue Dancer  Blue Eyes  Blue Madam   
  Boogie Woogie  Book of Life I   Book of Life II   
  Book of Life III  Bouquet  Bouquet   
  Bouquet Ardent  Bouquet II  Bouquet of Flowers   
  Bouquet with a boul of cherries  Boy  boy    
  Boy with a Flute  Boy with Torah  boy+apple-hand color on litho   
  Brides and mothers in law  Bridge of Kuzmir  Brown Vase   
  Brown Vase(1)  Brown Vase(2)  Brown Vase(3)   
  Brown Vase(4)  Brown Vase(5)  Bubble Chase   
  Bubble Maker  Bubble Maker  Bulls   
  Burning Bush  Burning Bush (Dekopal)  butterfly    
  Butterfly Hunters  Cabaret  Cafe   
  Café  Cafe  Cafe II   
  Carriage  Center of Safed  Chai (Decopal)   
  Channukah  Chantal  Chess Players   
  Children with Masks  Chupah  Chupah Ceremony   
  Circle of Life  Circle of Life  Circle of Life (Decopal)   
  Circus  City of David  City of Patriarchs   
  clown  Clown  Clowns   
  Cock Fight  Cohen praying for Messiah  Cohens' Blessing   
  Coming Back Home  Coming Back Home   Coming To Israel   
  Composition  Composition 1  Composition 1   
  Composition 10  Composition 2  Composition 2   
  Composition 3  Composition 3  Composition 4   
  Composition 4  Composition 5  Composition 5   
  Composition 6  Composition 7  Composition 8   
  Composition 9  Composition I  Composition II   
  Composition III  Composition IV  Composition IX   
  Composition V  Composition VI  Composition VII   
  Composition VIII  Contemplation  Conversation   
  Cosmic Egg  Couple  Couple against Black Background II   
  Couple in Jerusalem  Couple with Angels  Creation   
  Creation  Creation II  Daily Life in Kuzmir   
  Damascus Gate  Dancers  Dancing   
  Dancing Lesson  Daniel  David's Tower   
  David's Youth  Davids Harp  Daydream   
  Decorated Vase  Deer  Delicate Balance   
  Dialogue #18 Birthing   Dialogue #18 Birthing   Dialogue #27 Love & Marriage    
  Dialogue #27 Love & Marriage   Dove of Peace  Dove of Peace   
  Dove of Peace  Doves of Peace  Doves of Peace   
  Dreaming  Dreams and Flowers  Duet   
  Dung Gate  Eclatsiases 13 1979 screen print  Elephant Family   
  Elephants II  Elephants III  Eli   
  Embracing Jerusalem  Emek Yisrael Valley  Enchanted Afternoon   
  Enchanted Evening #3  Enchanted Evening 2  Enchanted Kuzmir   
  Enchanted Moment  Ensemble  Etching of Herzel   
  Ethnic Music Players  Exodus 1 (Decopal)  Exodus 2 (Decopal)   
  Exodus I  Exodus II  Expecting   
  Facing Bat-Ayin  Falafel Eaters  Family   
  Family  Family at the Studio  Femmes et Fleurs   
  Fertility  Festival  fiddler   
  fiddler   Fiddler on the Roof  fiddler+drum   
  fiddler+drum   Field of Iris  Figure   
  First Date  First Date  First Lesson   
  First Lesson  fish   Fisherman in Acre   
  Fishermen  Five Birds  Flamingoes   
  Fleisheker #10  Fleisheker #11  Fleisheker #12   
  Fleisheker #14  Fleisheker #15  Fleisheker #3   
  Fleisheker #9  Fleisheker 13  Flower of Love   
  Flowers  Flowers  Flowers   
  flowers   Flowers  Flowers   
  Flowers 1  Flowers 2   Flowers 3   
  Flowers 4  Flowers 5  Flowers 6   
  Flowers 7  Flowers at Gate  Flowers I   
  Flowers II  Flowers III  Flowers in a Pot   
  Flowers in Blue Vase  Flowers in the Window  Flowers in Vase   
  Flowers IV  Flowers IX  Flowers V   
  Flowers VI  Flowers VII  Flowers VIII   
  Flowers X  Flowers XI  Flowers XII   
  Flowers XIII  Flowers XIV  Flowers XV   
  Flowers XVI  Flying in Venice  Flying Violinst   
  Folklore  Forest  Forest   
  Forest of Pictures  Fruit Seller  Fun in Venice   
  Gad  Galillee view  Galillee view   
  Galleries in Jaffa  Gallery in Jaffa  Garden of Eden Valley   
  Gate of Mercy  Gates to Jerusalem  gimnastik   
  girl in red   girl in red brown   Girl with a Flower   
  girl with a flute  girl with ball  girl with ball    
  Girl with Birds  girl with flower  girl with flower    
  girl with flower   Girl with FLower  girl with hat    
  Going to the wedding  Going to the wedding  Going to the Well   
  Golan Heights   Golden Vase  Gondola Musicians   
  Gymnasts  Hai  Haifa   
  Hallelujah  Hallelujah (Decopal)  Hannukah   
  Hanoouka  Happily Married  Happy Days   
  Happy Hours  Har Zion  Hassidic Dance   
  Hassidic Musicians  Hebron  Hidden Pear   
  Hide and Seek  Hide and Seek  High Holiday   
  High Society Dog  Hills of Jerusalem  Home Alone   
  Home Alone  Hope  Horse   
  Horse and cart in Kuzmir  Horsemen of the Negev  House #38   
  house in nvei-tzedek  Hugging  If I forget Thee O' Jerusalem   
  Illuminated Manuscript  Imagine If ...  Imagine If...   
  In search for love  Independence Day  Infinite Nostalgia   
  Inon  Interior  Isaac   
  Isaiah I  Isaiah II  Isaiah III   
  Israel Independence Day  Izik 1  Izik 2   
  Izik 3  Izik 4  J'lem Candlesticks and Birds   
  Jacob and Rachel  Jacob and the Angel  Jacob Steinhardt print   
  Jacob's Dream  Jacob's Ladder  Jacob’s Ladder    
  Jaffa  Jaffa  Jaffa   
  Jaffa Gate  Jaffa II  jaffa port    
  Jam Session  Jazz Dancers  Jeremiah   
  Jerusalem  Jerusalem  Jerusalem   
  Jerusalem  Jerusalem  Jerusalem   
  Jerusalem  Jerusalem  Jerusalem   
  Jerusalem  Jerusalem  Jerusalem   
  Jerusalem (large)  Jerusalem - The old city  Jerusalem 1   
  Jerusalem 2  Jerusalem 3  Jerusalem 4   
  Jerusalem 5  Jerusalem 6  Jerusalem Chanukiah   
  Jerusalem city of gold  Jerusalem during the Second Temple  Jerusalem during the Second Temple #2   
  Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives  Jerusalem II  Jerusalem II   
  Jerusalem II  Jerusalem III  Jerusalem Jaffa Gate   
  Jerusalem Landscape  Jerusalem of Gold  Jerusalem of Gold   
  Jerusalem of Gold  Jerusalem of Gold II  Jerusalem Of Heaven & Earth   
  Jerusalem of Hope  Jerusalem of peace  Jerusalem of Peace   
  Jerusalem Panorama  Jerusalem Panorama View  Jerusalem Prophets   
  Jerusalem The Golden City  Jerusalem The wall  Jerusalem the wall   
  Jerusalem Through The Star Of David   Jesse Owens  Jewish Holiday Series   
  Jewish Wedding  Jonah  Jonah   
  Jonah against a blue background  Jonah has Pity on Gourd  Jonah II   
  Joseph  Joseph in the Pit  Joseph Is Sold By His Brothers    
  Judean Hills  Judean Hills Chanukiah  Kabbalah Kisses   
  Kaleidoscope  Kameha Aharon  kametz alef   
  Keeper of the Bird  ketuba Jerusalem  Kiddush   
  King Davids Harp (Dekopal)  King Kuzmir Fortress  Kings of Jerusalem   
  klezmer  Klezmer  Klezmer   
  Klezmer  Klezmer  kotel    
  kotel   ktuba   La Colombe   
  La Jetee  La Maitresse  La Mandragore   
  Lady with a Parrot  Lady with a Parrot  Lady with a parrot   
  Lady with Flowers  Lake Kinneret  Landscape   
  Landscape  Landscape  Landscape #3   
  Landscape #4  Landscape 1  Landscape 1   
  Landscape 1  Landscape 10  Landscape 11   
  Landscape 12  Landscape 2  Landscape 2   
  Landscape 2  Landscape 3  Landscape 3   
  Landscape 4  Landscape 4  Landscape 5   
  Landscape 5  Landscape 6  Landscape 6   
  Landscape 6  Landscape 7  Landscape 7   
  Landscape 7  Landscape 8  Landscape 8   
  Landscape 9  Landscape 9  Landscape I   
  Landscape I  Landscape II  Landscape II   
  Landscape III  Leah  Leisure Time   
  Lemons  Les Oiseaux Dans La Nuit  Let My People Go!   
  Let My People Go! (12 copies)  Let My People Go! (2 copies)  Let My People Go! (3 copies)   
  Let My People Go! (4 copies)  Let My People Go! (5 copies)  Lighting Candles   
  Little Angel  Longwood Arbor  Lost In Love   
  Love Birds  Love Story  Love Story   
  Lovers  Luba 1  Luba 2   
  Luba 3  Luba 4  Ma Nishtana   
  Machanei Yehuda  Machenei Yehuda  Magic Moments   
  Magical Music  Man Drinking Tea  Man Walking Dog   
  man with flute  Manara View  Map of Israel   
  Margarita  Margot  Marina   
  Market in the Old City  Market Place in Kuzmir  Masks Parade   
  Meditation  Mediteranean Light  Meeting of Angels   
  Memories I  Memories II  Memories of Love   
  Menora  menora   Menorah   
  Metamorphose of an infant  Michmoret  Mitzvah Dance   
  mizrah   Morning in the Neighborhood  Moses   
  Moses  Moses  Moses bring the Ten Commandments   
  Moses with the Ten Commandments  Mother and Child  Mother and Child   
  Mother and Child  Mother and Child  Mother and Daughter   
  Mother and Son  Mother Holding Child  Mother with Child   
  Music  Musical Family  Musical Interlude   
  Musical Interlude  Musicians  Musicians   
  Musicians  Musicians II  Mysterious River   
  Nachlaot  Nachlaot,1997  naganim   
  naganim   naganim   Natali   
  Negev Aglow  Neighbors  New Orchards, Kfar Etzion   
  newspaper seller   Night Sonata  No Name   
  Noah's Ark  Number 1  Number 2   
  Number 3  Number 5  Number 6   
  Number 7  Number 8  Number 9   
  Old City  Old Jaffa  Old Jew from Morocco   
  Old Man  On Doves Wings  On The Mountains   
  On Thy Walls O' Jerusalem  Orange Flowers  Orchard of Lovers   
  Orchestra  Orchestra  Orchestra 2   
  Orchestra I  Ornamental Vase  Out and about at night   
  Out for a Stroll  Outside  p#1   
  p#10  p#11  p#12   
  p#13  p#15  p#2   
  p#3  p#4  p#5   
  p#6  p#7  p#8   
  p#9  Painter with Hat  Palm Tree Chanukiah   
  Passion  Path with Flowers  Path with Iris   
  peace   Peace Offering  Peaceful Feelings   
  Pessach  Phoenix Bird I  Phoenix Bird II   
  Phoenix bird the tree  Phoenix III  Physicians Prayer   
  Planters with Flowers  Playful Mood  Playing with the Children   
  Pomegranate Chanukiah  Pomegranates  Pomegranates    
  Pool Table  Poppies, Rogelit  Poppy Field   
  Portrait of an Old Man  Prayer  Prayers at the Wall   
  Prayers at the Wall  Precious Violin  Primavera   
  Promenade in Jaffa  Psalms  Psalms 1   
  Psalms 1 (Decopal)  Psalms 2  Psalms 2 (Decopal)   
  Psalms I  Psalms II  pump water    
  Purim  Purim  Purim   
  Purim II  Purple Haze  Quartet   
  Quiet Melody   Rabbi on the Move  Rachel   
  Rachel  Rachel and Joseph  Rachel Weeping   
  Rain  Rainy Day  Reading   
  Reading Hour  Rebirth  Red and Blue Image   
  Red Bouquet  Red Flowers in a Vase  Red Poppies   
  Red Poppies  Red Poppies  Red Sea Candle Holder   
  red shirt   Red Shirt  Rendez-Vous   
  Rest on Flight  Resting  Ring around the Roses   
  Ring around the Roses  Rivka  Romantic Day   
  Romantic Mood  Rooster (blue green)  Rosh Hashana   
  Rosh Hashana  Rosh Hashana  Royal Ping Pong Match   
  Rue Mouffetard  Ruth  Ruth and Naomi   
  Ruth Burying Naomi  S- 57 Klezmer on Royal Rooster  S- 57a David over Jerusalem   
  S-1 King David  S-10 The Dove and the Ram  S-103 Sketch Book   
  S-104 Spring  S-106 Pilgrimage  S-107 Peshat   
  S-11 Caves of Qumran  S-110 Sod  S-111 Hallacha   
  S-112 Hagadah  S-113 Kabbalah  S-12 Shepherd of Qumran   
  S-121 Miriam  S-122 The Harpists  S-123 Vayehi   
  S-124 Vayomer  S-125 Tam  S-126 The Blue Dove   
  S-127 Joseph and His Brothers  S-128 Joseph the Dreamer  S-13 Guardian of Qumran   
  S-139 Eccl I  S-140 Eccl II  S-141 Eccl III   
  S-142 Eccl IV  S-142 Eccl V  S-144 Eccl VI   
  S-145 Eccl VII  S-146 Remnants I  S-147 Remnants II   
  S-148 Eccl VIII  S-150 Remnants III  S-151 Eccl IX   
  S-152 Eccl X  S-153 Eccl XI  S-154 Eccl XII   
  S-156 Eccl XIV  S-157 Man with a Staff  S-157 Man with a Staff   
  S-158 Leaves  S-159 Feathers  S-16 People of Dead Sea Scrolls   
  S-160 Window - I of S.O.M. Suite  S-161 Arena - II of S.O.M. Suite  S-162 Garden - III of S.O.M. Suite   
  S-163 Studio - IV of S.O.M. Suite  S-164 Temple - V of S.O.M. Suite  S-165 Archives - VI of S.O.M. Suite   
  S-166 Maze - VII of S.O.M. Suite  S-168 Paper Cuts  S-17 Writing of Dead Sea Scrolls   
  S-18 Song of Songs  S-19 Seasons I  S-2 Gates of Jerusalem   
  S-20 Seasons III  S-21 Take Up the Melody  S-213 Jerusalem-View from the wall   
  S-215 Twins I  S-216 Almanac I-Planter  S-217 Almanac II-Woodsman   
  S-218 Twins II  S-219 Almanac III-First Fruits  S-22 Seasons II   
  S-220 Almanac IV-Dreamer  S-222 Almanac V-Olive Harvester  S-223 Almanac VI-Wayfarer   
  S-225 Almanac VIII-Firekeeper  S-226 Almanac VII-Shepherdess  S-227 Arches in Jerusalem   
  S-23 The Ram  S-235 Tiberias Light  S-24 Akedah I   
  S-25 Akedah II  S-250 Phoenix I  S-251 Phoenix III   
  S-252 Phoenix II  S-253 Jerusalem-The wall  S-254 Heritage I   
  S-256 Tiberias wall  S-259 Safed  S-26 Akedah III   
  S-260 Heritage II  S-263 Heritage III  S-265 Tale of a Journey I   
  S-266 Tale of a Journey II  S-267 Tale of a Journey III  S-27 Akedah IV   
  S-271 Speeding Patriarch I  S-28 Akedah V  S-281 Cellist II   
  S-286 View to Mt. Zion  S-29 Akedah VI  S-292 Fisherman and basket   
  S-294 Ancient fort  S-3 Four Sons  S-30 Akedah VII   
  S-305 WAILING WALL PLAZA  S-306 The Jewish Quarter  S-307 FISHERMAN ON KINNERET   
  S-308 On the shore of the kinneret  S-4 Symbols of Pessach  S-43 Street Scene   
  S-43a Wedding Charriot  S-46 Bar Mitzvah  S-47 Erev Shabbat   
  S-48 Hag Habikurim  S-5 Seder Table  S-51 Simchat Torah   
  S-55 Lion of Judah  S-6 The Ram  S-7 The Huppa   
  S-8 Massada  S-88 View of the wall - winter  S-9 Festival of Spring   
  S-93 Ancient synagogue in Safed  Safed  Safed Street - Simtas Abuhav   
  Saffad  Sahara  Sailing   
  Salt Fields  Salute to Israel  Samuel Wodnitzky Collection   
  Sara and Isaac  saved from the fire 1  saved from the fire 2   
  saved from the fire 3  saved from the fire 4  saved from the fire 5   
  saved from the fire 6  saved from the fire 7  saved from the fire 8   
  saved from the fire genesis  saved from the fire star spangled banner  Scarlet Dancer   
  Scroll of Autumn  Sea of Galilee  Secret Days   
  Seder  Seder Plate with Matza Motif  Seder Plate with Pyramids   
  Seder Plate with the Negev  Segulah "Charm"  Self Portrait   
  Self Portrait  Self Portrait on Black Background  serigraph   
  Shaari Tzedek  shabat candle   Shalom and The Priestly Blessing   
  Shavuot  Shavuoth  Sheep   
  Sheep in the Negev  Ship Field  Shirat Hayam - Song Of The Red Sea   
  Shma Israel  Shofar ove Jerusalem  Shofar over J'lem   
  Shore of Kinneret  Silhouette  Simchat Torah   
  Simchat Torah  Simchat Torah at The Wailing Wall  Simchat Torah at The Wailing Wall   
  Simchat torah in Jerusalem  Sisters  Sisters II   
  Six Days War  Slavery To Freedom  Small Alley   
  Small Green Truck  Snow Angel  Snow at Argenteuil   
  Soccer Match  sofer stam   Solomon's Temple   
  Song of Songs 1  Song of Songs 2  Song of Songs 3   
  Song of Songs 4  Song of Songs 5  Song of Songs 6   
  Song of Songs 7  Song of Songs 8  Spanish Tiles   
  Speeding Patriarch I  Speeding Patriarch II  Spring   
  Spring Blossom  Spring Cleaning  Spring Flowers on Rogelit   
  Spring in the Golan  St. Paul at Night  Star of David   
  Storks  Street in Saffad  Succot   
  Succoth  Succoth  Sue Green Hill   
  Summer  Summer Garden  Summer in Rogelit   
  Sunrise  Sunset in Jerusalem  Sylvie and the Goat   
  Symphony  Symphony (Gala Performance)  Synagogue   
  synagogue   Synagogue in Safed  Synagogue in Tiberias   
  Talmid Chacham  Talmid Chacham with a book  Talmid Chacham with a Gmarah   
  tan   Tango Dancer  Tavor   
  Tea Pot  Tea Time  Tel Aviv   
  Ten Commandments  test  test product   
  Tet  The 7th Day  The Actors   
  The Ark  The Beast  The Beggar   
  The Big Debate  The Big Peasant  The Bistro   
  The Blue Bird  The Blue Bull  The Blue Fish   
  The Blue Woman  The Book  The Bride   
  The brides family  The Bull  The Bull   
  The Burning Bush  The Cafe  The Cellist   
  The Cellist I  The Cellist III  The Chat   
  The Chicken  The Circus  The Cockeral   
  The Coffee Shop  The Concert  The Conductor   
  The Conductor  The Conductor  The Couple   
  The Cranes  The Creation   The Donkey   
  The Dream  The Eagle  The end of the curse   
  The Family  The Fight  The Flood   
  The Flute  The Forest  The Fox and the Stork   
  The Future City #8   The Gardener  The Haichal or Holy Sanctuary   
  The Harlequin  The Hatzbani River  The Holy City   
  The Horse  The Inlaws  The Jewish quarter   
  The Jewish Quarter  The Jordan River  The lady of the house   
  The Lovers  The loving couple  The Mandolin   
  The Market  The Marriage Dance  The Monster   
  The mother in-law  The Negev  The Neighborhood   
  The New Passover Haggadah artistic book  The New Passover Haggadah artistic book  The Old City   
  The Party  The Party  The People of Kuzmir   
  The Pianist  The Pious Jews  The Princess   
  The Prophecy  The Prophet and the Angel  THe Pupil   
  The Race  The Restaurant  The rhythm of mariage   
  The rich uncle  The Shtetl  The Sphere   
  The Spider  The Street Violinist  The struglle of Jacob & the angle   
  The Studio at Night  The Test  The Test   
  The Tomb of a Kabbalah Master  The Village  The Village   
  The Violinist  The Wailing Wall  The Walk   
  The Wall  The Wall  The Wall   
  The Wall  The Walls Of The City   The Way to Peace   
  The Wedding  The Wedding  The well of Kuzmir   
  The Western Wall  The Wineway  The World of Formation (Angels)    
  Theater  Three Sisters  Three Women   
  Tiberias  Tiberias  Tiberias   
  Tiberias Café  Tiberias Morning  Tower of David   
  Tower of David  Trees and Angels  Trees and Shadows   
  Trio  Trio  Trio Chorus   
  Triptych: Eastern view of Judean hills  Troubadour  Tu B'shvat   
  Twelve Zodiac  TwelveTribes  Two Girls   
  Two Yemenite Men  Two young boys  Tzimtzum (Contraction of Creation)   
  Unity  Vase with jug  Vases   
  Vendor  Venetian Orchestra  View from Rogelit   
  View from the Cinemateque  View from the Community Center  View of Ela Valley from Roglit   
  view of israel   view of israel   view of israel    
  view of israel   view of israel   view of israel    
  view of israel   View of Israel  View of the Galillee   
  View of Yemin Moshe  Violinist  Virgin's Garden   
  Vision de moise  Vision of Moses  Vivid Life   
  Waiting  Waiting  Walk in the Park   
  Walking the Dog  Walking the Dog  Walls of Jerusalem   
  Walls of Jerusalem  Walls Of The City  Water Lilies   
  Water Lillies  Waves  Wedding   
  Wedding  Wedding  Wedding   
  Wedding Dance  Wedding in Jerusalem  Wedding musicians   
  Wedding present  White Dancer  White Rider   
  Winter  Woman  Woman   
  Woman  Woman  Woman in Blue   
  Woman of Valor  Woman of Valor  Woman of Valor (Decopal)   
  Woman of Valor II (Decopal)  Woman Talk  Woman with Flower   
  Women in Red  Workman in Jaffa  Yarkon River   
  Yedid Nefesh - Dear soul  Yellow Flowers in Vase  Yemenite Jew III   
  Yemenite Jew IV  Yemin Moshe  Yemin Moshe   
  Yemin Moshe  Yerushalayim  YMCA   
  yosi stern- color lithograph  yossi stern lithograph- color  yossi stern lithograph- red   
  yossi stern lithograph-blue  yossi stern- lithograph   Young Girl   
  Young Girl  Zion Gate 
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