Original Jewish & Israeli art at discounts
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At this time, we do not provide art appraisal or pricing services!
We do not purchase artwork. We do enable the sale of artwork which is compatible with this website.
If you wish to sell such artwork, then please register here as a user (by creating an account - click on Login and create your account) and during the registration please request to become a vendor.
This will also provide you with all the rules and conditions of being a vendor on this site.
If we deem your artwork to be compatible with this website, we shall enable you as a vendor and you will be able to upload images of the artwork you wish to sell.
The form below should only be used to:
  • request a specific piece of art
  • make a suggestion for improving this site
You need to fill in all the information which is marked with an asterix (*).
When requesting a piece of art it is especially important that you select the medium, as this will affect the price range of the piece.
Legal Notice!
Please be aware that under the terms of usage of this website, this form can only be used for the purposes stated above.
We shall take legal action against anyone found abusing this form and trying to use it for spam and other such activities unrelated to the purposes stated above.
We thank you for your cooperation.
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