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About Us:
Alon Systems, Inc. created TheArtFair.com to be a meeting point between artists (vendors, art galleries) and art buyers. Through the use of our UNIQUE negotiation process (see below), art buyers may acquire objects of their desire at more reasonable prices. Vendors may choose to service the potential buyers of their products, by enabling them to negotiate for their goods. The negotiation is automatic on the part of the Web site.

We are happy to bring one of the oldest of trading methods onto the internet and making it available in a discrete and non-confrontational manner. We believe that the world of art offers a special place where negotiation is appropriate and through which the artist and the lover of art may reach a price point satisfactory to both.

TheArtFair.com uses the services of the DealTag? negotiation gateway. The vendor/artist may offer their published product for negotiation. In such a case, the buyer may choose to purchase the item at the stated price or may try to negotiate for a better price. During the negotiation, buyer and DealTag? gateway may reach an agreed upon price. At that point, the buyer may place the product into the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

DealTag? is fully owned by Alon Systems, Inc, which owns all its rights, including all the associated Patent, Copyright and Trademark rights.

This site is intended mainly to offer the buyer the ability to acquire original art, directly from the artist or from the artist?s designated vendor. As such, in most of the cases, only one object will be purchased at any one time. Also, if a number of objects are purchased, they may be shipped from several different sources. Therefore, to simplify and make these points obvious, we have constructed this site so that only one item may be present in the shopping cart for checkout at any one time.

Each vendor (artist) has been checked by us for their reputability and each has signed an Affiliate Vendor Agreement.
Contact Us:
You may contact us at:

Sales Department
P.O. Box 32055
St. Louis, MO 63132

Tel: 314-428-2208
Fax: 314-428-0880

Email: sales@theartfair.com
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